siobhán davis

creative human

Excelling in visual strategy development, content planning, and coordination. My team leadership and project management skills ensure that projects are completed efficiently and effectively, representing the brand accurately. Bringing creativity and vision to every task, while also demonstrating strong leadership and communication abilities. My keen attention to detail and adaptability allow me to solve problems and navigate challenges seamlessly. 

contract & freelance

freelance || 2018 / Present || Burns & Levinson
contract || 2023 / Present || Content Pilot
contract || 2005 / 2016 || FINN Partners / Greenfield Belser 
freelance || 2011 / 2014 || The O’Donnell Group


Creative Director, RoxaBox – Miami, FL  || October 2022 to Present

As the Chief Creative Human and owner of a graphic design firm, embodying a dual role of visionary leader and hands-on designer. Responsibilities span from setting the overall creative direction and business strategy to personally overseeing the execution of design projects. Leading a talented team of designers, illustrators, and creative strategists,  fosteing a collaborative environment where innovation and excellence thrive. My role entails cultivating client relationships, understanding their objectives deeply, and translating them into compelling visual narratives that resonate. With a keen eye for design trends and a passion for pushing creative boundaries,

Ensuring that every project delivers not only aesthetic impact but also tangible business results.  As both leader and practitioner, I champion creativity, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction, driving the firm’s growth and reputation for delivering exceptional design solutions.

Creative Director, Design – Right Hat – Chicago, IL  || December 2021 to October 2022

As the Creative Director of Design at a marketing firm, leading a dynamic team of designers and visual storytellers in crafting compelling and memorable marketing materials. My role revolves around translating client goals and brand identities into visually stunning designs that resonate with target audiences. From conceptualization to execution, leading the creative process, ensuring each project aligns with strategic objectives while pushing creative boundaries. Collaborating closely with clients and cross-functional teams, I bring innovative ideas to life through branding, digital and print design, and multimedia campaigns. My focus on aesthetic excellence, user experience, and market relevance ensures that our designs not only captivate but also effectively communicate our clients’ messages, driving engagement and fostering brand loyalty.

Creative Director, Content Pilot – Dallas, TX  || August 2010 to November 2021

As a Contracted Creative Director at a legal marketing firm, tasked with crafting compelling and effective marketing campaigns tailored specifically for the legal industry. My role involves leading a multidisciplinary team of designers, writers, and digital marketers to develop innovative strategies that enhance our clients’ visibility and reputation. Collaborate closely with attorneys and legal professionals to understand their unique needs and objectives, ensuring that our creative solutions are both visually engaging and strategically sound. From concept development to execution, orchestrating the entire creative process, ensuring consistency and quality across all marketing materials. My expertise in branding, combined with a deep understanding of the legal sector, allows me to deliver strong campaigns that resonate with our target audience and drive measurable results.

Creative Director, Space Coast Living Magazine – Melbourne, FL || September 2009 to July 2010

As a Creative Director of a magazine, my responsiblity was the shaping the visual and editorial identity of each issue. Leading a talented team of designers, photographers, and writers, ensuring that every piece of content aligns with our brand’s vision and standards. From conceptualizing innovative themes to overseeing the execution of layouts and photo shoots, establish a cohesive and captivating reader experience. My role involves constant collaboration and communication, balancing creative freedom with strategic planning. Attention to detail and adaptability are crucial, while navigating tight deadlines and evolving industry trends to produce a magazine that consistently engages and inspires our audience.

Associate Creative Director, FINN Partners, Greenfield Belser – Washington, DC  || September 2003 to August 2009

As an Associate Creative Director at Greenfield Belser, I play a pivotal role in shaping the creative direction of our projects. Collaborating closely with the Creative Director, conceptualize and execute innovative design solutions that align with our clients’ branding goals. Leading a team of designers, copywriters, and other creative professionals, assuring that each project meets our high standards of excellence and creativity. Responsibilities include overseeing the design process, from initial brainstorming sessions to final production, while maintaining open communication with clients to understand their vision and objectives. This role required a balance of strategic thinking, creative ingenuity, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that our work not only meets but exceeds client expectations. 

Art Director, Stellcom Corp – San Diego, CA  || October 2001 to August 2003

As an Art Director at a software development company, my role revolves around crafting visually appealing and user-centric interfaces that enhance the user experience of our software products. Working closely with product managers, UX/UI designers, and developers. Translated functional requirements into intuitive and aesthetically pleasing designs. Spearheading design initiatives that prioritize usability, accessibility, and brand consistency across all digital platforms and applications. From wireframes to final visual assets,  ensuring that every design decision aligns with the company’s strategic goals and user needs. By fostering a creative environment and leveraging my expertise in design principles and industry best practices, delivering software solutions that not only meet technical specifications but also delight users with engaging and seamless interactions.

Art Director, MRM McCann – San Diego, CA  || March 2000 to September 2001

As an Art Director at a global advertising firm, in charge of the visual direction and creative strategy for international campaigns that reach diverse audiences. Collaborating closely with creative teams, clients, and marketing strategists,  conceptualize and execute innovative visual concepts that align with brand objectives and resonate across global markets. My role involves translating complex ideas into compelling visual narratives across various media channels, from digital platforms to traditional print. By combining artistic vision with strategic insight, assuring campaigns not only captivate but also drive measurable results. With a deep understanding of cultural nuances and market trends, delivering exceptional creative solutions that elevate brand visibility and engagement on a global scale.

Creative Director, Virtacon Corp – Boca Raton, FL  || January 1999 to February 2000

Overseeing both the creative efforts of front-end technology and the technical aspects of back-end technology, while coordinating teams to work in unison. Ensuring all projects were completed on time and within budget. Managed a team of fifteen to eighteen individuals. Additionally, assisted in career development tasks such as new hire integration, staffing, training, career growth, and role development.

Art Director, Design Studio Coordinator – The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale – Fort Lauderdale, FL  || October 1996 to December 1998

Oversaw all aspects of advertising for a local school, including print, television, and radio. Provided collateral materials to support the visibility needs of twenty-five schools nationwide. Responsible for the concept and production of television and radio commercials, both local and national. Additionally, maintained the institute’s website. 




BFA Graphic Design || The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

MFA Graphic Design || Academy of Art (Present)