making the complex simple

Our full-service digital agency solves complex problems creatively in ways that think outside the box (hence our name, roxabox). It’s what we do best, simplifying the complex and making the intangible tangible. Regardless of the medium, our designs aim to tell an engaging story and leave a lasting impression. Our solutions are no less imaginative than solutions for products or consumer services, but they are a higher order of difficulty in our minds. That’s why we like tough, intractable knots to pick apart. Not everyone is up to it… but we are!

With thirty or so years under our belts, you could say we have overachieved. Our creative agency has been fortunate to win a few awards – we have won Clios, Webbys,​ ​GDUSAs, and AGDAs – to name a few.​ ​


years of wow

Our opinions on what makes brands successful have proven to be solid. A successful brand must be adaptable. Products, services, and organizations change fast, and their brands must evolve.

Consistent branding by itself is predictable, patronizing, repetitive, and dull. As a result, we create strategic and coherent conversations between organizations, services, and products and their respective audiences. Our niche is law firms, but our calling is to help firms leverage strategic messaging, design, and content to differentiate, persuade, and motivate buyers.


is our way

We must follow critical steps to deliver creative work tailored precisely to a firm's needs. We also find that these steps may get repeated or revisited without a process containing multiple approval gates. Our team is adept at removing projects from life support. From this deep understanding, we develop robust strategies and thoughtful designs characterized by meticulous attention to detail.


great clients
great minds

The process isn’t the only key to successful design. Partnership is. Because remarkable work isn’t built on rules, it’s built on conversation, collaboration, and understanding. It comes from thinking and acting like a brand partner and letting experience, instinct, and intuition guide the way. We see every business challenge as a chance to do something extraordinary. But that can't be achieved through a rigid process alone. It comes from working collaboratively and seeing where that takes you.


we are not experts
at everything,
but we
are amazing
at a few things.
and all of our work
stems from our simple
design process.
we believe this
works because:


01 || we are out-of-the-box thinkers and designers
02 || we kickass at this
03 || we have partners, not just clients
04 || we work until you are ecstatic
05 || templates are not our jam
06 || we know every business is unique
07 || basically, we are born to do this



the work